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Artist: Konstantin Rosenkranz
Title: Licht im Raum 41
Technique: Paint & Acrylic on canvas
Size: 190 x 170 cm
Year: 2018
Signed by the artist

Status: available

About this artwork

The works of Konstantin Rosenkranz reflect an expression oftranscendence created by color and its effect on the canvas. Associations to colored lights in a room or to digital worlds are evoked.
For this purpose, the painter treats the color in such a way that it can act on its own and penetrate the observer. He leaves thecolors as autonomous as possible, applies them to the canvas and allowsthem to form into mixtures that are irreversible in the process.

This technique creates different shapes that combine to create a sensitiveimpression. The process and behavior of the material play a centralrole.

The unpainted, only primed parts of the canvas convey the infinite and a generous being. The relationship between paintedpictorial space and canvas is usually in an aesthetically harmoniousrelationship to each other. The colors look strong and smooth due to thehighly pigmented acrylic lacquers. They enhance the contrast with thematt, white canvas. This modern technique of painting challenges theviewer to find his own association with the works.

Paint & Acrylic on canvas
Licht im Raum 41
Paint & Acrylic on canvas (190 x 170 cm) 2018
Licht im Raum 41, Paint & Acrylic on canvas (190 x 170 cm) 2018 (Installation view)
Licht im Raum 41
Paint & Acrylic on canvas (190 x 170 cm) 2018 (Installation view)

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