Artwork of the month June 2020

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Artist: Merlin Kasimir Pohl
Title: Charon
Technique: Paint & Acrylic on canvas
Size: 60 x 40 cm
Year: 2019
Signed by the artist on the back

Status: sold

About this artwork

In his works Merlin Kasimir Pohl deals with the question of an aesthetic positioning of art in its current social reality. The medium of painting is reflexively examined for its art historical significance. An aesthetic emptiness is generated through the absorption and processing of classical painterly motifs and their decontextualization. The dogma of a higher ideal truth is denied. Thus painting becomes a cult around the carcass of itself.

The Zurich artist Merlin Kasimir Pohl learned the craft of painting at a young age. Since then it has never left him. Many years of practice and dedication have taken him to a higher, theoretical sphere of art; Pohl studied art history and art theory in Zurich, Berlin and Vienna. The question of the theoretical and the practical is deeply interwoven in his work.

The painter’s work presented here shows one of his typical interpretations of classical painterly motifs.

Merlin Kasimir Pohl - Charon
Paint & Acrylic on canvas (60 x 40 cm) 2019
Merlin Kasimir Pohl - Charon
Charon (Installation view)
Merlin Kasimir Pohl - Charon
Charon (Detail)
Merlin Kasimir Pohl - Charon
Charon (Backside)

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