Artwork of the month September 2019

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Artist: OKUDA
Title: Obamickeymirage
Technique: Acrylic on woodpanel
Size: 100 x 80 cm
Year: 2015
Signed by the artist on the back

About this artwork

The key principles that rule both OKUDAs professional and personal life are positivism and a constant desire for self-improvement. His passion to create is what drives him; he needs to create in order to feel happy and fulfilled. Furthermore he tries to contribute in making incremental improvements to society with his artwork.

OKUDA is inspired by traveling, discovering new places and their people, and transforming environments with his art by leaving some trace of him with it. Because he believes the reason for art, apart from breaking down boundaries amongst people, cultures and religions, is basically to make people feel. This must be the main goal so that, whoever witnesses it, should experience somewhat of a personal transformation. Therefore, his artwork presents contradictions and metaphors about existence, multiculturalism, identity and the meaning of life and freedom. OKUDA invites people to do their own reflection about the contradictions between modernity and our roots, nature and society.

Discover great art every month