Exhibition dates 13.05. – 30.06.2017
Vernissage 12.05.2017 | 19-21

The exhibition „Just Say You Love Me“ is, according to her own statement, one of the most personal exhibitions Nina Hannah Kornatz has ever realized. This show is an attempt at a narrative. Each work stands for itself as an assertion. As a whole, the works tell us a common story. The artist leaves it up to the viewer to grasp its references and background.

At first sight one sees mainly abstract art. The term abstract is derived from the late Latin verb abstrahere, and means something like „to pull off, remove, separate“. It is the separation of the essential from the superfluous. That which remains is fundamental and essential.

And this is exactly what Nina is concerned with in her work: decomposition and reassembly. Her method of working first tears everything apart and then puts the individual parts back together piece by piece. According to Nina, every moment, every image, every person, every story always has all the components and potentials within itself – these are strung together as fragments in the works as layers and repeatedly questioned.

Nina naturally finds her inspiration in her own life – personally and on an artistic level. Aesthetics from art historical positions, images from personal events, which are burned into her brain for various reasons, must therefore be worked on by her – like an inner compulsion.

The context of the content is at first only a part of the truth – certain compositions or colour compositions, movement or stillness in pictures are addressed on a FORMAL level and tips her over the edge. This is something that teases her and does not let go of her.
To find this out is then Nina’s self-imposed task in the realisation of the paintings. The creation of a painting is like retelling a fictional or experienced story.
The creative process tries to set the punch lines in the right place and to capture the whole. Inevitably, the artist’s own personality flows into the process and the story becomes independent. And at some point she herself no longer knows which was the „first“ story, which seems to be completely unimportant to her – in this she is supported by Marcel Proust, who says: „The creation of the world did not take place at the beginning, it takes place every day“. Every story has happened before, exactly the same way, but differently.

So the same applies to each individual work as to the exhibition itself: The whole is different from the sum of its parts. What is the whole?
We invite you to explore this world with us without revealing too many secrets about love, hope and time. If you take the time and get involved, you will feel it – subliminally.

Kunstraum KTR
Tschaikowskistraße 21
04105 Leipzig