Postponed until further notice
Exhibition dates 3. Apr – 2. Mai 2020
Vernissage 2. Apr 2020 | 19-22

Without harmony there is no dissonance and without dissonance there is no harmony!
KERAs new works are still about abstraction, surface and graphics. Like a composer, he joins together various individual surfaces to create a harmonious and at the same time enthralling oeuvre.

Balance and tension have always played a major role in his work and he deliberately deals with the materials and structures of his field of work. Monotype and painting come very close together. Planned areas that are applied to the respective medium with the help of a monotype process always create surprises and thus allow new things to emerge. As with his large-format wall paintings, which always have different structures and substrates, Christian KERA Hinz captures this haptic and structure and reproduces it in the works on display in his new exhibition.

This is the second solo exhibition by Berlin artist Christian KERA Hinz with Uhlig Gallery. At the same time, we are opening our new art space.

Uhlig Gallery
Volckmarstr. 5
04317 Leipzig