Christian KERA Hinz

The artist Christian Hinz aka “Kera”, born 1985 in Berlin, has been working with colour, printing techniques, and designing and painting facades for more than 20 years.His artistic work is geometric and abstract, but at the same time spacial. Thereby, graphics and aesthetics play a big role. The artwork is driven from a combination of […]


Okuda’s distinctive style of geometric harmonies emboldened with intense colours can make his artworks feel like they’re from a parallel universe. In his work, rainbow geometric architectures blend with organic shapes, bodies without identity, headless animals and symbols that encourage reflection in artistic pieces that could be categorized as Pop Surrealism with a clear essence […]

TASSO – Mumbai Morning

Mit schnellem und sicherem Duktus, des in der Street-Art geschulten Künstlers, wird dem Betrachter eine flüchtige Stimmung eines Momentes vermittelt, der nicht unbedingt auf Reisen entstehen muss. Manchmal ist es ein Blick im Alltag, der Assoziationen in uns weckt, die uns aufzeigen, dass die Welt größer ist, als unsere tägliche Erfahrungswelt.

OKUDA – Obamickeymirage

Artwork of the month September 2019 Once a month we present a special work of art. Our goal is to introduce new and young collectors to the subject of art and art buying. Hence, every month we offer an artwork at a special price for a limited period of time.Discover great art every month. Artist: […]