Christoph Rode

Christoph Rode (* 1984, Berlin) ist ein deutscher Maler und Grafiker. Rodes zumeist großformatige Arbeiten verorten Raum- und Landschaftssituationen. Sie erinnern an Bühneninstallationen und mehrdimensionale Szenarien voller fragmentaler Inhalte. Diese eigenen und geschlossenen Bilderwelten lassen gelegentliche Datierungen zu, etwa durch bekanntes Interieur oder Kleidungstücke. Jedoch versinnbildlichen die Motive letztendlich nicht die gezeigte Zeit. Auch ein […]

Christian KERA Hinz

The artist Christian Hinz aka “Kera”, born 1985 in Berlin, has been working with colour, printing techniques, and designing and painting facades for more than 20 years.His artistic work is geometric and abstract, but at the same time spacial. Thereby, graphics and aesthetics play a big role. The artwork is driven from a combination of […]

Merlin Kasimir Pohl – Charon

n his works the artist deals with the question of an aesthetic positioning of art in its current social reality. The medium of painting is reflexively examined for its art historical significance.

Christoph Rode – die eckige Ananas in runden Schachteln

This peculiar and individual imagery occasionally allows itself to be identified as being set in a certain time period through elements such as the interior design or items of clothing. The works, however, do not symbolize the time period portrayed. They also do not represent a processing of the artist’s emotions, thoughts, or surroundings. Instead the painter looks for inspiration in reproductions, newspapers, history books, and films.